So what would you do?

A little gift from a former client which was very nice of them. It came with a little note stating that I had helped her stay afloat. I think it’s not always clear cut on how we need to approach problems and indeed solutions as there may be a third way which is available if … Continue reading So what would you do?

Amazingly Simple breathing technique to try right Now.

Have you ever found yourself feeling stressed or anxious and you are literally gasping for air , struggling to breathe? This is scary, right? Probably you have found the more you try to breathe the harder it becomes,true? Well now you can use this amazingly simple breathing technique that will instantly relax you, letting both … Continue reading Amazingly Simple breathing technique to try right Now.

Anxiety management and mindfulness

A big thank you to the 1st year nursing students for being a wonderful audience over the last few weeks. Keep up the good work and remember to use the little techniques I showed you to stay mindful: 478 breathing, 54321 grounding, H-P-F and many more. Really enjoyed your company and I wish you well … Continue reading Anxiety management and mindfulness

Historically Present Future

As I write this I know I am physically present, typing away, my focus on the next word to magic itself onto the page and if my mind wanders, as it is free to do, I know that’s okay. I say that to myself and bring my thoughts back to the present by consciously focusing … Continue reading Historically Present Future