It was great! With David’s guidance, I was able to feel relaxed and calm and understand the anxiety I had been feeling. It has helped to bring clarity to something that has bothered me for a long time, and allowed me feel more calm and positive.”

David has an amazing calming quality to his delivery and I was soon relaxed and engaged in his thought processes. Once the session was finished I felt very peaceful and could understand how Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy could help with relaxation and regaining a balance to a stressful lifestyle.

David is very knowledgeable in this area and combined with his approachable and friendly style he made it a very enjoyable session and I was very pleased that I was able to attend.



I came to see David looking for help with low self-confidence that was affecting my career prospects. His approach of helping me discover the initial event that triggered these feelings of anxiety and then confronting and overcoming it has been revelationary. I can now identify the cause of my behaviour and see the causal link.

This gives me the intellectual and emotional ability to deal with these situations and allows me to overcome my fears. It’s been a very worthwhile journey.


Training Day with Social Care Professionals at Temple Street Children’s Hospital

Optimising Performance – “Time In”

The brain is responsible for directing the operations of the entire human body. The health promotion programme will focus on how to keep brains healthy. There are certain daily activities that have been identified as necessary for optimum brain health and this month the focus was on physical activity.

Time In is characterised by a very particular type of conscious, focused attention on the inner life of the self in the here and now. Confronted with pressure or stress, the brain strives to re-establish and maintain homeostasis (an internal state of equilibrium or stability). The aim of this initiative was to deliver a technique to staff that will help them reflect quietly for a few minutes in the workplace.

Objectives• To increase awareness around how time in is beneficial • To promote regular use of relaxation techniques throughout the day• To demonstrate a type of meditative practice• To encourage staff at departmental level to become more conscious having quiet time

David’s event with us was received very well and personally I thoroughly enjoyed it. David thank you

Ruth (Physiotherapy Manager)

Thanks again for all your great work. The demonstrations were excellent…

Thanks so much for your wonderful participation in today’s Lunch and Learn session. You brought it to a very peaceful end and I enjoyed your session a lot, as did all involved by the relaxed look on departure…

It has been great working with you .Your calm and fun approach to initiatives has made even the most daunting of audiences easier to tackle.

Roisin (Health promotions Officer)

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