Historically Present Future

As I write this I know I am physically present, typing away, my focus on the next word to magic itself onto the page and if my mind wanders, as it is free to do, I know that’s okay. I say that to myself and bring my thoughts back to the present by consciously focusing on my breath and squeezing my thumb and index finger together committing my mind to the conscious physical present.

Sure I know my thoughts mean me well, remnants of past failures and glories but I also know that: No cognitive thought-No emotional feeling- No physical behaviour can undo the outcome of a past event.

Also our future dreams and wishes are but that- dreams and wishes. Sure we need to plan for our future, I agree that is a good thing, but we plan in the present, setting goals that our present thoughts, feelings and behaviours can work together to make them become a reality.

Remember that regrets and guilt of the past and fear of the future only rob us of the present moment, which is the only time where we can truly influence and change ourselves and the environment around us.

So let us all stay present understanding our history and looking forward to our future.

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