Tipping the anxiety scales in a global pandemic

I read this morning that more people have now been vaccinated compared to those who have COVID-19. This is great news. I know I’m one of those lucky people.

Necessity is of course the mother of all invention and with the continual roll out of the various vaccines that are available, or soon to be available, will tip the scales even further in our favour.

Or at least we hope so. For nothing can be certain with this virus as it mutates to survive. But science has shown it can get ahead of the curve, we just need our politicians and world citizens to acknowledge and accept that it is in all our (sanitised) hands to keep the scales in our favour.

I have dealt with unprecedented levels of anxiety throughout the last year and this gives me more than hope and positivity that things are going in the right direction. The numbers are an indication that we can manage this current situation , right here, right now, day by day, step by step. If we can keep going , collectively, we can all look forward to a better future.

Stay safe. Following the COVID-19 protocols for your place in the world. Remember the scales are now tipping in our favour.


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