How is your New Year Resolutions going?

It is the last week in January 2022 and I just want to ask if any of these sound familiar:

New year resolutions

·         Lose weight

·         Stop smoking

·         To be happier and healthier

·         Spend more time on personal wellbeing

New Year resolutions anyone?

Above are some of the most common resolutions made every year, unfortunately over half of people will fail to achieve them.

But that’s not you. Yes?

You will succeed. Yes?

So you made a plan, right?

Using the SMART goal setting method, eh, well, maybe?

It’s OK; I help people with these issues all the time, so you are not alone and sure feel free to contact me for any further information.


But for now let me help you with the SMART goal setting process.

SMART stands for – Specific / Measurable / Achievable /Relevant/ Time related.

For example you may set long-term outcome goals such as getting a ‘dream body’ or to be happier and, as a starting point, these sound like good goals.

The problem is that the goal-setting process for many people stops there.

People who develop action plans experience LESS ANXIETY, MORE CONFIDENCE and GREATER SATISFACTION about achieving their goals and are more likely to SUCCEED.

Let’s take weight loss as an example. Saying I want to lose weight is a noble statement however by saying,” I want to lose 20lbs or 10 kg is more SPECIFIC.

Then by adding, “…before my summer holidays” gives a chance to MEASURE the weight drop in stages.

Next you have to ask yourself, “is it ACHIEVABLE”. How are you going to achieve this goal- coaching, diet, exercise, hypnosis?

You need a balance of- challenging enough to keep you motivated, but not too hard as you might lose focus and experience feelings of anxiety and stress.

(I use a specific analysis technique for weight management which I can gladly go through with you).

The RELEVANT stage is very important as this is where you need to ask yourself, “Does this goal really matter to me?” The answer better be “YES”, but if there is no real internal motivation and desire to achieve it, you’ll probably fail.

Finally setting a TIMELINE for when you want to achieve your goal is important.

This is the part where you need to make use of setting goals that are both long and short term; our main goal may be 6-8 months away but by setting short term goals you will always have an upcoming goal to work towards. 

Hopefully this has been helpful to you about both the importance of wanting to achieve your goal and how to go about it. Sure I am always available to help you start, maintain and achieve the goals you deserve.

Best of Luck

Hear to Listen – Here to Help

David McAllister




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