Holland & Barrett promote Hypnotherapy for anxiety

http://www.hollandandbarrett.ie/the-health-hub/conditions/mental-health/mind-and-body/how-to-deal-with-anxiety/ Good to see hypnotherapy suggested as a positive way of managing your anxiety (number 7). Taking action is imperative when dealing with anxiety, seeking out help from a well trained hypnotherapist such as all the members of the CHPA (chpa.ie) can make all the difference. Don’t leave it to chance, if you or someone … Continue reading Holland & Barrett promote Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Young people to be prescribed surfing and dancing by NHS to help anxiety | Mental health | The Guardian

Study to assess if ‘social prescribing’ such as surfing or rollerskating can stop conditions worsening while on waiting lists — Read on http://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/oct/25/young-people-offered-surfing-dancing-nhs-help-anxiety A good article about how the medical profession can utilise different approaches to assist their patients with anxiety.

Now you come to mention it Yes I am stressed and anxious.

Stress and anxiety are in my experience involved in a great many of the causes for clients coming for hypnotherapy. People looking for hypnotherapy may present with an issue such as smoking or weight loss however I see stress and anxiety as an underlying cause and can lead to many problems if ignored. Relaxation exercises, … Continue reading Now you come to mention it Yes I am stressed and anxious.

Katy Perry’s hypnotising heartbreak ditty is perfect therapy for fans

guess I could try hypnotherapy, I gotta rewire this brain’ — Read on http://www.metro.news/katy-perrys-hypnotising-heartbreak-ditty-is-perfect-therapy-for-fans/1594959/

Redundant sanitised hand

The hand of a working man…wasted Sourced from David Sylvian let the happiness in   This is my right hand (Righty) , it’s not quite redundant, but it’s very clean. Very Very clean, so is it’s partner Lefty. Righty likes to be busy, but doesn’t work as hard as Lefty, who is the dominant one. … Continue reading Redundant sanitised hand

Let the happiness in…

In these curious times happiness can mean so many different things to different people and words cannot truly describe what it is, for it is a feeling, a unique feeling within us that hopefully we have all experienced, even for the briefest of moments. So even when happiness seems short on supply, grasp and savour … Continue reading Let the happiness in…