Holland & Barrett promote Hypnotherapy for anxiety

http://www.hollandandbarrett.ie/the-health-hub/conditions/mental-health/mind-and-body/how-to-deal-with-anxiety/ Good to see hypnotherapy suggested as a positive way of managing your anxiety (number 7). Taking action is imperative when dealing with anxiety, seeking out help from a well trained hypnotherapist such as all the members of the CHPA (chpa.ie) can make all the difference. Don’t leave it to chance, if you or someone… Continue reading Holland & Barrett promote Hypnotherapy for anxiety

Young people to be prescribed surfing and dancing by NHS to help anxiety | Mental health | The Guardian

Study to assess if ‘social prescribing’ such as surfing or rollerskating can stop conditions worsening while on waiting lists — Read on http://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/oct/25/young-people-offered-surfing-dancing-nhs-help-anxiety A good article about how the medical profession can utilise different approaches to assist their patients with anxiety.

Is the Sun setting in on summer ?

I like September. On an island with the Atlantic to the West and the Irish Sea to the east September brings in many changes. Not only the weather as who can tell the variables of such a potent force? But more than this for us as people. Our lives change back to the normal, back… Continue reading Is the Sun setting in on summer ?

Dingle’s WWII survivor: ‘People need to relax’

Dingle’s WWII survivor: ‘People need to relax’ — Read on http://www.rte.ie/amp/1132874/ Wise words from a patient lady on her 90th birthday. It’s not easy at the moment, which is understandable , we all feel uneasy, we are restless, we want to get back to our lives. But we can’t, not just yet. This is the… Continue reading Dingle’s WWII survivor: ‘People need to relax’

In these unprecedented times…

In these unprecedented times (sounds dramatic but they are) we all need to be mindful of where our heads are at. This is a nice graphic, I like it as it’s simple. Obviously managing anxiety on top of the current corona virus pandemic is challenging. But taking care of our  mental health has never been… Continue reading In these unprecedented times…