Redundant sanitised hand

The hand of a working man…wasted

Sourced from David Sylvian let the happiness in


This is my right hand (Righty) , it’s not quite redundant, but it’s very clean. Very Very clean, so is it’s partner Lefty. Righty likes to be busy, but doesn’t work as hard as Lefty, who is the dominant one.

At the moment both are not as busy as they should be, Righty can live with this , but Lefty can’t, so he took this photo of Righty, to keep himself busy, he is typing these words also.

Our hands are important, however when they have too much time they can get mischievous, “Devil and idle hands and all that”, never a good combination.

So to occupy Lefty and Righty, they have been set tasks:

  • chopping, stirring, flipping and cutting in the kitchen, Righty’s fingers have a few nicks, naughty Lefty.
  • filling the washing machine, hanging out clothes, ironing clothes 
  • stretching, pulling and lifting to help the middle aged body move
  • massage the aching body 
  • hold and flick the pages of a new book
  • holding a biscuit and dunking in a nice cup of tea

Who knows they might even teach each other a few tricks so Righty can take more of the leading role and Lefty can take a more supporting role.

Both are looking to the future when the invaders have gone so they can get back to doing the work they love, being helping hands to those in need.

One thing is for sure they will not be redundant and will be very very clean.


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