Accepting our little moments of happiness

Happy emojis

How often have you felt little, unexplained feelings of happiness popping up from time to time.

I like those little, unexplained feelings . It’s like getting a free hit of feeling happy without having to do anything to get it.

Do you get them too? Mine don’t last too long but that’s ok for l don’t expect them to, but I do like to notice and enjoy them when they arrive.

When we stop to think about it, are we too busy trying to figure things out, getting caught up in the noise that we diminish these happy moments as a distraction and getting in the way of how we really feel?

It’s strange how we try to force feelings as opposed to accepting them for what they are. Sometimes I just feel happier not because my life got better or sometimes I don’t feel so happy but again not because my life got worse. It’s just where I am at that moment and I realise like all feelings they will pass.

For me the important factor is to be mindfully aware of the good feelings when they come along. Where in my body do the feelings manifest, is it just a simple need to smile, no matter what or where, I can allow the feelings just be what they are.

And be wary of denying the good feelings as you think you should be worrying about something, Just let the moment in and go when it does.

We can spend a lifetime chasing happiness yet miss those little moments of unexpected happiness which just pop up now and again. Watch out for them and when they come, accept them and let them go when they do.

We all deserve a little happiness no matter how fleeting.


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