Is the Sun setting in on summer ?

Setting sun bowing figure

I like September.

On an island with the Atlantic to the West and the Irish Sea to the east September brings in many changes. Not only the weather as who can tell the variables of such a potent force? But more than this for us as people. Our lives change back to the normal, back to the routine- school, work, commuting, and so on.

Another year has passed, some people have gone, some have arrived , that unstoppable circle of life that the seasons only provide a marker to what time it is. The Sun’s casting shadow getting longer, if indeed you’re lucky enough to see it (remember it always shines above the clouds) as we tread further into our daily life.

Like I said at the beginning I like September as it provides us with an opportunity to reflect on the summer gone, even the year that has passed but more importantly take notice of what’s going on now. A moment to plan for the winter ahead on how we are going to protect ourselves, physically from the elements and mentally from the stresses and anxieties of daily life.

So as the sun sets on summer what are you going to do to protect yourself perhaps some of these tips will help:

  • Keep connecting with your family and friends
  • Get active, move more
  • Make time for yourself doing something that you want to do
  • Smile and be grateful for what and who you are
  • Take two minutes to be mindful (I can send you on my two minute sessions for you to try)

Whatever it is you choose remember the sun is going to set anyway, your not alone, the seasons will come and go , we all go through it, but we can go through it together.

For further information feel free to Contact me.


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