My anxiety doesn’t define me

Do you believe that this statement is true?

If you do then you are right.

If you don’t then you are right.

Paradoxically both positions can be seen as correct. However it is not that your anxiety defines you, it is your belief that it defines you is the correct position.

Of course anxiety can have an overwhelming command over how you live your life, but it can only do so with your permission.

For anxiety is the sum of all the negative self beliefs and negative thoughts constantly repeated into forming a self deprecating cycle which like a hamster running on it’s wheel, you never seem to be able to get anywhere.

But remember anxiety is there to protect you from harm, it’s your biological defence mechanism, to initiate the “fight or flight” response to keep you safe.

Although when you are constantly running on the wheel to nowhere, it’s then your health deteriorates, your body gets tired and your decision making becomes obstructed by the constant barrage of competing thoughts and feelings.

So what can you do?

1. Start by recognising that it’s your beliefs that define your anxiety not the anxiety itself.

2. Get a medical check up to ensure that there are no other underlying physical ailments

3. Get a therapist that specialises in dealing with anxiety

Remember no matter whether you believe you can or can’t – you are right.

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