Welcome to Joyful June

30 days and 30 ways to make life a little bit more positive. Try out the daily tasks see which ones work best for you. Keep going until the end of June. If you miss one or two, that’s okay, the tasks are small enough and doable enough to double up on any given day.… Continue reading Welcome to Joyful June

Young people to be prescribed surfing and dancing by NHS to help anxiety | Mental health | The Guardian

Study to assess if ‘social prescribing’ such as surfing or rollerskating can stop conditions worsening while on waiting lists — Read on http://www.theguardian.com/society/2022/oct/25/young-people-offered-surfing-dancing-nhs-help-anxiety A good article about how the medical profession can utilise different approaches to assist their patients with anxiety.

High Hang-xiety and what it’s telling you

www-nytimes-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.nytimes.com/2022/10/06/well/live/hangover-anxiety-mood.amp.html An interesting portmanteau for hangover and anxiety. Growing up I would known this as “the fear”. An interesting article which for me highlights the need to go with your anxiety, listen to what it is telling you, there is much truth in the old Latin saying,”In vino veritas”. We can learn lessons from anything… Continue reading High Hang-xiety and what it’s telling you

Anxiety management and mindfulness

A big thank you to the 1st year nursing students for being a wonderful audience over the last few weeks. Keep up the good work and remember to use the little techniques I showed you to stay mindful: 478 breathing, 54321 grounding, H-P-F and many more. Really enjoyed your company and I wish you well… Continue reading Anxiety management and mindfulness

My anxiety doesn’t define me

Do you believe that this statement is true? If you do then you are right. If you don’t then you are right. Paradoxically both positions can be seen as correct. However it is not that your anxiety defines you, it is your belief that it defines you is the correct position. Of course anxiety can… Continue reading My anxiety doesn’t define me