Working hard or getting the right thing done at the right time. What do you choose?

Working with anxiety

It’s a simple enough question, you would think. However are you feeling anxious just thinking about how to answer?

We all assume that working hard is a good thing and many studies suggest that having a good work ethic enhances your motivation, discipline and encourages continuous skill set improvements.

That may be true however at what cost?

I encounter many hard working people at my anxiety clinic who despite putting in all the effort still feel anxious, stressed and a feeling of being overwhelmed.

So what can be done to reduce these anxious feelings?

Well let’s start by saying working hard is a good thing but in the right way at the right time. So continue to work hard but just enhance it by adding the following suggestions:

1. Grade Tasks in level of importance : Focus your time and energy on what matters the most first and prioritise others accordingly.

2. Be goal specific : Nothing new in this however don’t get hung up if they don’t work out. It’s the journey not the destination that matters.

3. Utilise technology : Embrace the 21st Century’s technology. Such as: productivity apps, automated repetitive tasks and online resources

4. Time Outs : Essential to recharge your batteries. Be guilt free and embrace your breaks. You will feel better for it.

5. See the learning : There are no mistakes, only feedback, acknowledge it and use it to improve.

By letting go of the feeling of having to do everything will give you the ability to get the right thing done at the right time. Do it, you might just surprise yourself.

David McAllister


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