High Hang-xiety and what it’s telling you


An interesting portmanteau for hangover and anxiety. Growing up I would known this as “the fear”. An interesting article which for me highlights the need to go with your anxiety, listen to what it is telling you, there is much truth in the old Latin saying,”In vino veritas”. We can learn lessons from anything and anyone and this might be another way to really focus in what your mind and body are telling you. However remember to enjoy yourself as time does march on , as always it’s a question of balance and if you do find yourself in that Sunday morning state of “hang-xiety” , take your “go to” cure (mine was Irn Bru, for those unfamiliar with this drink you are missing a trick) and sit down and listen to yourself as school is in for an unfiltered session on what’s going on in your life.

David McAllister



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