Anxiety and Covid-19. It might surprise you.

Some alarming statistics where nearly 20% linked to anxiety based disorders. Get this quote from the paper : Anxiety and fear-related disorders were a prevalent condition in our sample; they were also the second highest risk factor for death among the underlying conditions considered in our study. Click to access 21_0123.pdf Of course it doesn’t … Continue reading Anxiety and Covid-19. It might surprise you.

So what would you do?

A little gift from a former client which was very nice of them. It came with a little note stating that I had helped her stay afloat. I think it’s not always clear cut on how we need to approach problems and indeed solutions as there may be a third way which is available if … Continue reading So what would you do?

The simplicity of gratitude

I received this card , totally unexpected, but humbled and grateful. Sometimes it’s the little personal things that make the difference. I really enjoyed working with this lady who really put the work in and has achieved her goals. Life is good when we work together. Thank you.